Steve Sharpe
Professor of Physics
Department of Physics, University of Washington

I joined the particle theory group in the Physics Department at the University of Washington in 1988. My current research interests focus on lattice gauge theory, in particular the calculation of weak matrix elements which are needed to constrain the Standard Model of particle physics, as well as the idea of "large-N reduction", whereby in the limit of the large number of colors one can reduce the volume of the theory to a single point. I am involved in the US national lattice QCD collaboration, "USQCD" (see links below). I am also a member of the Particle Data Group (link below), and of the Flavo(u)r Lattice Averaging Group (link below).

My present graduate students are Max Hansen and Derek Horkel.

My previous graduate students are Keith Clay (joint with Steve Ellis, presently Chair of Physics at Green River Community College), Yan Zhang (was postdoc at Beijing U., present whereabouts unknown), Noam Shoresh (joint with David B. Kaplan, first postdoc at Boston U, now on the research staff at the Broad Institute, Cambridge, MA) Ruth Van de Water (first postdoc at Fermilab, second at Brookhaven National Lab, now staff member at Fermilab) and Jackson Wu (first postdoc at Triumf, Vancouver, second at University of Bern, Switzerland, now in Taiwan), and Andrew Lytle (first postdoc at Univ. Southampton, England, now at TIFR, Mumbai, India). I was also the unofficial advisor of a visiting student from Krakow, Mateusz Koren (now a postdoc in Madrid).

  • I am an emiritus member of the executive committee of the USQCD collaboration, which has obtained support from DOE for computational resources and support.
  • I am a co-PI on a SciDAC2 (Scientific Discovery through Advanced computing---round 2) proposal aimed at creating a national infrastructure for lattice gauge computing.
  • I am a member of the Particle Data Group , having co-authored the mini-review on Lattice QCD (v2: 2013) with Jack Laiho and Shoji Hashimoto.
  • I am a member of the Flavo(u)r Lattice Averaging Group , which provides averages of results relevant for flavor physics from lattice calculations.
  • Ex-UW graduate student Andrew Lytle and I are calculating matching factors using non-perturbative renormalization for improved staggered fermions. The project web page is here .
  • Teaching (recent plus some old classes)

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