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William R. Somsky, Ph.D.

Physics-Astronomy Unix Software Manager
Department of Physics, University of Washington

William Somsky is the Unix Software manager for the Physics-Astronomy Computer Cost Center at the University of Washington.

Dr. Somsky's background is in theoretical/computational particle physics (TA Dickens, UJ Lindqwister, WR Somsky, LG Yaffe, The coherent state variational algorithm II: implementation and testing, Nuclear Physics B309, 1988), with a Ph.D. from Princeton University (WR Somsky, The coherent state variational algorithm and the QCD deconfinement phase transition, Princeton, 1989). He also spent two years as a post-doc at the Los Alamos National Laboratory working on computational condensed matter physics (WR Somsky, JE Gubernatis, A massively parallel implementation of the worldline Monte Carlo method, Computers in Physics 6, 1992).

Prior to joining the UW staff, Dr. Somsky held the position of Computer Scientist at Computer Sciences Corporation, with two year experience in CSC's Systems Engineering division as an Army High-Performance Computing Research Center (AHPCRC) support staff member involved in the design and prototyping of the AHPCRC parallel material-dynamics project, and two year experience in CSC's Systems Sciences division on the NASA System Engineering And Support (SEAS) contract involved in high data-rate telemetry processing benchmarks.

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